“I only threw the TV out the window because Villa were on it,” claims Grealish

Young midfielder denies indulging in childish rock star fantasy.

Jack Grealish smashed this TV because Aston Villa were on it
SMASHED: Telly (Image: Douglas Peale)

Jack Grealish insists his hotel party didn’t get out of hand and he only threw a television out the window when Aston Villa appeared on it.

The young midfielder, wayward, was thought to have been indulging in some kind of rock star fantasy when he sent the telly flying.

Although the room party went on until 8am, Grealish maintains it was a calm affair aside from the shocking moment Villa came on the box.

He told Football Burp: “As a professional, you need the occasional all-night party in a hotel room just to get away from it all.

“It’s nice to let everything else melt away for a while, so it was jarring to say the least to be suddenly watching Villa.

“As unwelcome reminders of which team you play for go, it really was a doozy.”

Police have confirmed that Gabriel Agbonlahor also tried to launch a TV out of a window but could only find the wall.

Roberto Di Matteo said: “Gabby’s still finding his sharpness.”