Hull City owner Allam still blabbering on about tigers

Gives Bruce green light for spending spree while in midst of DMT trip.

Hull City owner Assem Allam loves tigers such as these
MAJESTIC: Tigers (Image: Kabir Bakie)

Hull City owner Assem Allam is still yammering some gibberish or other about tigers, we can confirm.

The Egyptian, beset by megalomania and senility, had previously asked Hull fans to refer to Nikica Jelavić as ‘Blorx the Destructor’ and is notorious amongst locals for being one of those bus loons who shouts at trees.

According to a source, Allam staggers around the streets first thing in the morning swigging Windolene and calling everyone a tiger.


In a shock revelation, the source also indicated that Steve Bruce was able to sign Hernández, Ramírez, Diamé and Ben Arfa because he’d taken advantage of an uncharacteristically benevolent Allam in the midst of a salvia trip.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Bruce rubbished our source’s version of events.

He said: “It wasn’t salvia, it was DMT. That’s why he keeps seeing tigers everywhere.

“I was only stopping in to his office to ask if we could get an espresso machine on the team bus, and there he was with a big smile on his face and an open chequebook.

“Anyone would have done what I did. It’s not every day you’re gifted the chance to fleece a mad and drugged old millionaire.

“I mean, come on.”

Hull City owner Assem Allam was unavailable for comment.