Hit Manchester United comedy set for successful second run

Central characters and themes to remain broadly similar despite new directorship.

Manchester United comedy and tragedy depicted in dramatic mask form
COMEDY AND TRAGEDY: Dramatic bedfellows (Image: Larry Yuma)

It’s the Manchester United comedy that had us all cackling along like hyenas on hippie crack last season, and it looks all set for a successful second run in 2014-15.

The farce, hilarious, is to be continued under new directorship but shall encompass broadly the same characters and running themes that proved such a hit with audiences last time around.

Despite being met with opposition in Devon, Norway and Malaysia on account of its “upsetting portrayals of characters in varying states of distress and decline”, news of the Man Utd comedy’s renewal has sent champagne corks flying in the offices of spoof football websites worldwide.


Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, former Red Devils simpleton Phil Neville stated his belief that the show could yet be undermined by a fully fit and healthy cast.

He mumbled: “There’s that Dutch lad who took centre stage the other year – if they get him back in then I can’t see it working out for them.

“His sense of pathos and tragedy is way off if you ask me – he’s too clinical in his acting and it just isn’t conducive to good comedy.”

Neville was then shown a preview clip of Act I Scene I, entitled “Manchester United 1-2 Swansea City”.

He continued: “Oh, I see. Well that changes everything.

“I can only envisage this show going from strength to strength. As for hippie crack, though, no one actually calls it that.

“That’s just a Daily Mail thing.”

At the time of going to press, new director Louis van Gaal was still going around Old Trafford signing autographs and high-fiving Fred the Red.