Heskey comeback hits snag as old footage is reviewed

Former England defensive forward issues come-and-get-me plea to desperate Foxes.

Heskey comeback to this sort of thing
COMEBACK: Heskey (Image: Ilya Khokhlov)

It’s the Emile Heskey comeback that begs the question “club or international?”, and it looks to be hanging by a thread after Leicester City reviewed old footage of his career.

The former England defensive forward, robust, had spoken to the press to issue a come-and-get-me plea to the club he started out at, a media mating cry that the Foxes initially responded to in kind.

Proceedings had been going smoothly until Leicester manager Nigel Pearson asked to see a video compilation of Heskey’s England highlights, at which he realised that he’d been getting Heskey mixed up with Gary Lineker.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Heskey remained upbeat as to his chances of making a shock return to Premier League football.

He snarled: “I couldn’t help but notice that #HeskeyComeback was trending on Twitter.

“I didn’t have time to read the tweets themselves but it just goes to show that a Heskey comeback is what the world wants to see.

“When my dad put a bet on me one day playing for England when I was 11, he also had another wager that I’d return to Leicester at the age of 37 and score the winner in the FA Cup final.

“So there’s also that to consider.”