Harry Redknapp runs over wife in freak Sky Sports News interview

"She's gonna have my guts for garters," says former Spurs and West Ham boss.

Harry Redknapp ran over his wife in his Range Rover
Redknapp is stalked by a giant rooster (Image: James Boyes)

Harry Redknapp ran over his wife in what is being described as a freak Sky Sports News interview, we can confirm.

The former Spurs and West Ham wheeler-dealer was filming stock footage for the channel ahead of January’s transfer window when the accident occurred.

Leaning out the window of his Range Rover in inimitable fashion, Redknapp was recorded nattering non-specifically about transfers before he sped off in search of flea market bargains.

According to eye witnesses, Mrs Redknapp then arrived on the scene to dole out cups of tea to a grateful film crew.

But she was left flattened when her husband reversed over her to clarify what he’d meant when describing someone as “a top, top player”.

He said: “Obviously the window doesn’t open for months so we’re not yet talking about a specific player.

“But for the record, when I say he’s a top, top player, what I meant to say was that he’s a top, top, top, top, top, top, top player.

“What’s that? Can you hear it? That high-pitched whining coming from under my motor.”

He continued: “Oh Gordon Bennett, I’ve only gone and bleedin’ ran over the missus, ain’t I?

“Cor blimey luv a duck, she’s gonna have my guts for garters, an’ no mistake.

“You won’t tell anyone about this, right?”