Sky Sports News goes into meltdown as Redknapp's job status remains unchanged.

Harry Redknapp and stalker
Redknapp is also still being stalked by a man in a giant rooster outfit (Image: James Boyes)

Harry Redknapp’s job status has not changed at the time of going to press, we can confirm.

The QPR manager, still, will today remain in his job in much the same manner as he did yesterday, not to mention such other memorable occasions as the day before yesterday and of course the day before that.

Speculation had been not so much mounting as dribbling that R’s supremo Tony Fernandes would hit the Loftus Road hot seat ejector seat switch, as it were, as it might be.

But as of right now this very moment, Football Burp understands that Harry Redknapp is very much manager of Queens Park Rangers Football Club, like it or lump it.

Speaking exclusively and somewhat inexplicably to Burp’s bitter Stateside rivals Soccer Belch, Hoops head honcho Fernandes spelled out in no uncertain terms that he had nothing new to say of Redknapp’s role at the club.

He said: “Nope, nothing at all.

“I know Sky Sports News are making a big deal of Harry still existing because he’s a golden god round there – but I expect better from you, Soccer Belch.

“It’s just that no one ever thinks to ask whether I’m still QPR chairman or not. Just nice to be asked is all.”

He added: “Yes, Harry is still manager since we last spoke five seconds ago.”