Guardiola’s “mind blown” by new Ed Sheeran album

Also describes draw with Liverpool as "one of the most special days of my life".

Man City boss Pep Guardiola digs Ed Sheeran and drawing with Liverpool
LOSING IT? Pep (Image: Rufus46)

Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has described the new Ed Sheeran album as “transcendent”, adding that it sent him into “convulsions of rapture”.

Just hours after dubbing today’s 1-1 draw at home to Liverpool “one of the most special days of my life”, Guardiola confessed to “totally losing my s***” to Sheeran’s latest work.

These incidents come as the latest in a worrying pattern of behaviour from Guardiola – on Friday, he described a Danish pastry he ate at a press conference as “godlike in its perfection”.

And this morning he drew concerned glances from his wife after declaring Nescafe Gold Blend “perhaps the greatest thrill imaginable”.

Confiding exclusively in Football Burp, Mrs Guardiola surmised that her husband had almost certainly lost his mind.

She said: “The other day he picked a bit of skin off his toe, held it up to the light and spent half an hour eulogising its sheer magnificence.

“I let that one slide, but now he says he’s considering going to Glastonbury just to see Ed Sheeran. I’m speechless, I really am.

“This can’t go on.”