Governments urged to issue copies of FIFA 18 as international break aid relief

Independent bodies release joint statement urging immediate action.

Xbox controllers needed during international break
CRISIS: Controller (Image: Thiemo Schuff)

Governments worldwide have been urged by independent bodies to provide copies of FIFA 18 as aid relief for the latest international break.

In scenes echoed across the globe, panic erupted in the UK as soon as the final whistle was blown on a relatively uneventful draw between Newcastle and Liverpool.

Distressed citizens took to roaming the streets aimlessly in search of more Premier League football, but of course none was forthcoming.

Various independent organisations, think tanks and investor groups have now released a joint statement demanding the immediate of dispersal of the just-released new edition of FIFA.

It said: “A lot of these people are going to need Xboxes and Playstations too, so we’re asking all governments to take action.

“Our citizens need us at this time – no one should go without FIFA during the next two weeks. It doesn’t even bear thinking about.

“What we need right now is a coordinated global outreach program or some s**t like that.”