Gareth Bale monkey likeness highlighted by Twitter jokers

"Bale spotted in blah blah blah etc"

Gareth Bale monkey
This one was quite funny

It’s the Gareth Bale monkey likeness that’s sweeping the nation!

In what is already being described as “tedious”, funny people from across the globe have taken to social networking site Twitter to post pictures of monkeys alongside the caption “Gareth Bale spotted in (insert location here)”.

One particularly hilarious example showed a Gareth Bale monkey sitting next to a big pile of cash, a nod to the generous remuneration that the outgoing Tottenham Hotspur star can expect in his new employment.

Where that will be remains uncertain, although La Liga giants Real Madrid are reported to have come back in with an improved bid of 70 million euros, some churros and a Bosch washing machine, used.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, one wag showed us a still image from Planet of the Apes alongside the caption “Gareth Bale spotted in Marbella’, or something like that.

He said: “Bwahahahahaha! How good is that?

“I just saw it somewhere and thought it would make me funny by proxy if I shared it with my 48 followers, including the 12 or so I suspect are spam.

“Well, I say ‘make me funny’, but I already am really funny – I like to think of myself as ‘the joker in the pack’ among my circle of friends.

“A bit of a wildcard, a loose cannon. You never know what I might do or say – never a dull moment with me around, et cetera.

“I’m MAD, me.”

He then twiddled a finger by one of his ears and burst into laughter with a slightly unnerving degree of ‘overcompensating’ about it.

In other news, Spurs have knocked back a £5m bid for Bale from Manchester United.

David Moyes said: “I’d have ****ing taken it.”

Do you have a picture of a Gareth Bale monkey that you’d like to share with the world? Have your say in that comments thingy down there!