Further Man City mockery “may be impossible”, say spoof football sites

Manuel Pellegrini wears sorry outfit to post-match press conference.

Man City mockery symbolised by mocking bird
MOCKING: Bird (Image: MathewTownsend)

Spoof football websites up and down the country have released a joint statement to announce that Man City mockery may be off the agenda pending further research.

Last night’s 1-2 reversal at home to CSKA Moscow made it seventeen calamitous Champions League results in a row for Manuel Pellegrini’s sorry outfit, which of course the Chilean had to wear for his apologetic post-match press conference.

Yaya Touré, one of eight City players sent off during the game, posted images of self-flagellation to his Instagram account before staging a live webcast of him crying helplessly while stuffing his face with birthday cake.

So exhausted is the supply of original material for Man City mockery that leading spoof football websites have warned against trying to take the piss out of them originally until scientists have had a ruddy good look at the situation.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, the editor of Soccer Belch advised that street/lay wags – or “the people’s peanut gallery”, as they’ve been fondly dubbed – should hold fire on cracking jokes until it’s been confirmed whether or not there’s anything new to say.

He said: “It’s possible that scientists will discover a hidden aspect of the performance, perhaps some kind of gypsy curse, that we can all safely rip on afresh.

“Until such a time, please remain indoors and try to stick to only taking the piss out of Liverpool.”