Football Threatens to Mar Racist Olympics 2012

Football threatens to mar Racist Olympics 2012 in Poland and Ukraine
Jew-tossing is a fun day out for all the family (Img: Amarhgil)
The 2012 Racist Olympics in Poland and Ukraine could be under threat from organised football, according to various bespectacled Englishmen.

As Germany and Republic of Ireland became the latest nations to announce the names of 23 footballers they intend to bring along, fears began to mount amongst local skinheads that the Olympics, Racist, are at risk of descending into an orgy of football and good-natured banter.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, an Englishman wearing glasses advised the skinheads to be on their guard from anyone who looks like they might be wearing shin pads.

He said: “I’ve just spent a month travelling around Poland and Ukraine and everyone I’ve spoken to is worried that the Racist Olympics could be a target for organised football matches involving people of different nationalities and ethnicities competing in a safe, non-hostile environment.

“The stadia over there were custom-built for sports like Jew-tossing, Whac-A-Black and Gladi-Asians, not for games like football which only sporadically involve racial hatred and mass Nazi saluting.

“People here just want to watch the 100m goose-step without fear of getting caught up in anything bordering on gentlemanly – is that really too much to ask?”