FIFPro confirm own irrelevance by selecting Gerrard and Lampard for something or other

Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard
Lamps… Shining light (Img: Wonker)
Something or someone called FIFPro have announced their own utter pointlessness by selecting Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard and Chelsea’s Frank Lampard amongst 15 midfielders on the shortlist for their 2012 World XI.

The thing, whatever it is, was clearly desperate to show the world just how little they watch or even care about the English Premier League by arbitrarily calling upon the aging duo rather than bother to check up on any of the several hundred midfielders who’ve performed better than them over the last year or so.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Football Burp expressed its relief at the heavily populated midweek football programme.

We said: “We’ve already covered the ‘fans being morons’ thing, and now we’re so bereft we’re writing about FIFPro, whatever the hell that is.

“At least the sporadic announcements of England’s bafflingly lofty position in the international rankings provide some kind of amusement. This FIFPro nonsense just isn’t even news.”

Meanwhile, FIFPro have nominated Lee Evans and Brian Conley as their Comedians of 2012, with Texas, M People and The Lighthouse Family making up the music category.