Remaining Fifa officials to stop staying at Swiss hotels

Few who are left pledge to take their corruption elsewhere.

Swiss hotel, not the one where the arrests took place
This is not the Swiss hotel, but it is a Swiss hotel (Image: Roland zh)

The few remaining Fifa officials have pledged not to stay at any more Swiss hotels following yet more arrests at that dead posh place.

Concacaf president Alfredo Hawit and Conmebol president Juan Angel Napout were escorted from the premises of Zurich hotel Baur au Lac in dawn raids, eliciting disbelief in literally no one.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, the few Fifa officials that are left vowed not to be seen dead in that swanky Swiss hotel, or for that matter in any other Swiss hotel.

They chorused: “Fool us collectively twice, collective shame on you.

“Fool us collectively thrice, shame on us. We do know about that extradition law thingie now. The jig’s up, lads.

“So we’re just going to go back to where we can get away with being really corrupt for years on end, now.

“Okay, see ya.”

They added: “Buh-bye now.”