Fellaini and Young “together through the ages, like Blackadder and Baldrick”

Time-honoured partnership strikes against Basel.

Ashley Young and Marouane Fellaini combined for Manchester United against Basel like Blackadder and Baldrick

Marouane Fellaini and Ashley Young link up throughout the ages like Blackadder and Baldrick, the pair have confirmed.

The time-honoured but still only occasional partnership surfaced once again to put Manchester United into the lead in a 3-0 Champions League win over Basel.

Young crossing for Fellaini to score a header has provided an amusing sideshow to United seasons stretching back to around 2015.

And speaking exclusively to Football Burp, the duo revealed their ancestors struck up relationships down the ages and their descendants are bound to follow suit.

They chorused: “We’re only footballers in this series. Sometimes we’re other things, like a travelling juggling act or undertakers.

“Apart from one Fellaini who was a prince, we’re probably the most successful incarnation – the highest in our profession, the best paid.

“That’s great, obviously, but it’s not as funny as when we were soldiers going over the top in World War 2.

“That was a stitch.”