Fan who threw coin at Rio Ferdinand accused of fiscal insensitivity

Rio Ferdinand
Ferdinand coin strike… Insensitive (Image: Gordon Flood)

The fan who threw a coin at Rio Ferdinand has been accused of “gross insensitivity” by his fellow supporters.

The bloke, well thick, decided it would be a jolly good jape to hurl a two pence piece at the defender as he celebrated United’s last-gasp win at City in another pulsating Manchester derby.

However, many have taken issue with this very public discarding of money during a time of recession.

A bloke called Steve said: “First we get Liam Ridgewell wiping his backside with a wad of twenties, and now this – it’s insensitive, inflammatory, incomprehensible.

“Two pence is what I earn in a year, so it’s pretty galling to watch helplessly on as some flashy so and so tries to lodge it in Rio Ferdinand’s forehead from the stands.

“In these times of austerity, I would urge anyone considering hurling a coin at a footballer to instead throw it at me, as I wouldn’t mind incurring a head wound in exchange for doubling my annual income.

“Whoever threw the coin should be forced to get a post-match round in for everyone sitting in the same stand, there I said it.”

Bill said: “I can only echo what Steve said.”

Alan was unavailable for comment.