EXCLUSIVE: Wenger reveals all to FT’s How to Spend It supplement

The Frenchman tells how he survived for an entire month eating nothing but grapes.

Arsene Wenger - How to Spend ItFootball Burp can exclusively reveal that Arsenal boss Arsène Wenger will be the lead feature in this weekend’s edition of Financial Times’s How to Spend It supplement.

The pull-out, glossy, gained notoriety in 2011 when it featured a guest column from Colonel Gadaffi outlining which styles of luxurious head dress to wear while manning which kinds of speedboats.

Wenger is revered and reviled in equal measures for his playboy lifestyle, the Frenchman recently having made headlines for blowing an estimated 30p on a prank telephone call to Newcastle.

On Wednesday, he sparked an international incident when he was reported by La Liga giants Real Madrid for “trollando”.

Speaking exclusively to How to Spend It, Wenger reveals how he:

* once looked at a Rolex, offered a fiver for it and then just LEFT it

* reacted to a rejected bid for a Uruguayan false 9 by turning a QUID out of his pocket and saying “how about this aussi?”

* spent an entire month eating nothing but GRAPES

* carried £80m in cash around a shopping centre and left having only purchased a Christmas card for HIMSELF

For more of this sort of thing, check out this weekend’s Financial Times.

But don’t come crying to us if they decide to pull the feature at the last minute. They, er, do that sometimes.