EXCLUSIVE: Spain rubbish again

Just like they always used to be.

Xabi Alonso in happier times
Alonso… Agrees (Image: Станислав Ведмидь)

Spain are now rubbish again, Football Burp can exclusively reveal.

The Spaniards, sub-par, saw an early end to their defence of the World Cup last night as they went down 2-0 to Chile, just days after going down 5-1 to Holland.

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After years of showing up at major tournaments boasting myriad star names and bowing out to varying degrees of disgracefully, Spain hit upon a golden generation that could not only win the passing but also the matches.

However, in the words of BBC’s resident World Cup philosopher Rio Ferdinand, “age happened” to them – and now, we understand, they’re rubbish again.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Real Madrid midfielder Xabi Alonso agreed that Spain are now rubbish again.

He said: “¡Claro que sí!

“To be fair I’ve already given an interview about this. It’s splashed all over your BBC and everything.

“So, you know, go ask Iniesta or someone about how we’re now rubbish again.

“I’m sure he’ll furnish you with most enlightening answers.”

In other news, Diego Costa is now Brazilian again.

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