EXCLUSIVE: Adam Lallana slips on banana

Fruit-based mishap sees Liverpool midfielder incur thigh injury.

Liverpool's Adam Lallana injured his thigh slipping on a banana
LAYOFF: Lallana (Image: John Jones)

Liverpool’s Adam Lallana is likely to be out for a month with a thigh injury after slipping on a banana thrown at him by a team-mate.

The England midfielder will miss matches including this weekend’s Merseyside derby in what is a huge blow for Reds boss Jürgen Klopp as his side hunts a top four finish.

And Football Burp can exclusively reveal that Lallana incurred the injury slipping on a banana hurled at him by an unnamed colleague.

Bored by their own stultifying performances, it seems Gareth Southgate’s England squad took to brainstorming on potential chants for one another.

It all seemed like harmless fun and games when the idea was mooted for Lallana to be hailed with the classic Cockney music hall refrain “‘ave a banana!”.

This was of course until his Liverpool team-mates got wind of it and greeted Lallana’s return from international duty with a barrage of bananas.

Usually so nimble of feet, Lallana was clearly still reeling from the open goal he missed when he slipped against Man City in a recent 1-1 draw.

We can confirm that one banana became trapped under his boot, causing him to slip and injure his thigh in such a manner as to give us something to write about.

And that’s how it happened.