Ex-Inter and Interim manager Benitez to think carefully about next title in sequence

Rafael Benitez
Benitez… Inter, Interim, ? (Img: Doha Stadium Plus Qatar)

Former Inter manager and current Interim manager Rafael Benitez says he will think very carefully about what title he could assume next so as to continue the sequence.

The Spaniard, an Aries, pretty much confirmed his departure from Chelsea sooner rather than later by labelling the Stamford Bridge faithful “a bunch of bad quegs” in an astonishing press conference rant, in which he also said of owner Roman Abramovich “yeah, he’s a total meff and all”.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp in a quiet pub just afterwards, Benitez gingerly twirled the stirring stick in his rum and coke while speculating aloud as to his next venture.

He said: “Maybe I could be an Intermediate Manager. Is that a thing?

“Or I could move into Interest Management. Again, is that a thing? I’ve been a football manager so long I don’t know.

“To be honest, I’d settle for being an Interactive Manager. They could make a computer generated ‘Rafa the Gaffer’ character who involves you in the decision-making process, ‘push the red button’ and all that. What do you think?

“Or I could manage an intercom. Know anyone who needs their intercom managed?”

When Football Burp pointed out that he could be an International Manager, Benitez chuckled and gazed wistfully out of a window.

“A whole nation of people hating my guts,” he said. “I’ll leave that for some other sucker.”

Sorry, slipped into novel mode there for a moment.