England World Cup bid set to waste everyone’s time again

Decision likely to hinge on whether the evil and charismatic Sepp Blatter is still Fifa president when bidding process begins.

Greg Dyke, prospective architect of the 2026 England World Cup bid
GOING BACK IN? Dyke (Image: acrofan.com)

The FA is eyeing up another time and resource draining England World Cup bid, this time for the 2026 tournament.

Having failed to bribe impress Fifa sufficiently to land either the 2018 or 2022 World Cup, FA chairman and former BBC supremo Greg Dyke has declared his organisation ready to go back in.

However, such a move is likely to depend on when the bidding process is required to start, and whether the evil and charismatic Sepp Blatter is still President of Fifa by that stage.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Dyke explained that the FA could be willing to throw obscene sums of money at another failed England World Cup bid just as long as someone other than Blatter gets the final say.

He said: “It could be Noddy Holder, Janet Jackson, some celebrity chef or other – anyone, really, so long as it’s not that Swiss ol’ scrotal sac.

“He’s not a good egg, not at all. Need convincing? Check out the handy links provided by Football Burp below.

“They snuffle out corruption so you don’t have to.”

David Beckham, David Cameron and Prince William were unavailable for comment.