“England manager should be someone called Gareth,” says Wenger

Arsenal boss pours scorn on idea of job going to an Arsène.

"England manager should be someone called Gareth," says Arsène Wenger
(Image: joshjdss)

Arsène Wenger believes the England manager’s job should go to someone called Gareth, preferably with an equally prosaic surname like Southgate.

The Arsenal boss has been linked with the role as a full-time replacement for Sam Allardyce, who was sacked after just one game for drinking a pint of wine.

While many think it’s once again time to go the continental route, Wenger is adamant that England’s next manager should be a Gareth, perhaps even a Nigel or a Stuart.

He shrugged: “Gareths tend to be trustworthy, available and relatively young.

“This is something you just don’t get with Arsènes, who more often than not are planning luxury retirements involving villas, vineyards and Hercule Poirot box sets.

“I can only speak for myself, of course, but there’s no way an Arsène should be tasked with such a chalice poisonnè, as we say in French.

“It’s definitely more of a Gareth thing, trustez-moi.”