Ebbsfleet United face disciplinary action over failure to give Mambo number 5 shirt

Club stands accused of failing to adhere to stringent non-league banter protocols.

Stonebridge Road, home of Ebbsfleet United
ERRANT: Ebbsfleet (Image: Martin Thirkettle)

Ebbsfleet United face punishment by the National League system for their “startling neglect” in not giving Yado Mambo the number 5 shirt.

The club stands accused of failing to adhere to stringent banter protocols put in place in order to further the attention afforded to non-league football.

One whistleblower flagged up the oversight on Twitter, leading to an angry backlash that has taken the social media platform by storm.

Imagine signing a player called Mambo and not giving him the number 5 shirt. Poor form from Ebbsfleet United. pic.twitter.com/ZFjVGlXRIV

— Joe (@RedAndWhite11) November 11, 2017

Tottenham Hotspur have similarly faced criticism for failing to give Harry Winks the number 40 shirt, but a lightness of touch is not deemed necessary at Premier League level.

A National League spokesperson said: “Given that Yado Mambo is a defender, Ebbsfleet haven’t got a leg to stand on.

“That the current occupant of their number 5 jersey, Dave Winfield, is also their captain, just makes the situation even graver.

“In such a senior role, Dave could have taken responsibility for the matter and vacated the shirt himself but he singularly failed to do this.

“He can also expect harsh repercussions.”