Diego Costa tackle on Adrián to be completed later today

Chelsea striker's challenge still ongoing as academic interest mounts.

This man is behind the Diego Costa tackle on Adrián
CHALLENGE: Costa (Image: Ultraslansi)

It’s the Diego Costa tackle on Adrián that’s got the nation on tenterhooks, and it should be finished sometime today.

The challenge, tardy, traces its origins back to last night’s Chelsea v West Ham match at Stamford Bridge.

In a game which ended 2-1 to the home side, Costa embarked on a tackle that has been ongoing throughout the night.

Long after supporters had left, officials were still monitoring Costa’s tackle closely to see what mayhem might ensue.

If initial calculations prove correct, he is expected to make contact with Adrián’s leg at around 1700 GMT.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, an eyewitness described the incredible scenes.

They said: “At this moment he’s still sliding towards the ‘keeper, studs in the air and jawline gurning.

“It’s hard to escape the feeling that it could be brutal and at least worthy of a yellow, but it could be groundbreaking.

“Leg-breaking too, mind, but mostly groundbreaking from a purely statistical vantage point.

“The Diego Costa tackle on Adrián began in earnest at around 2130 GMT on Monday night.

“According to all known tackle theory, it should therefore have finished at around 2130 GMT on Monday night.

“Yet here we are, watching it all with baited breath and earful of dramatic slow-motion ‘noooooo!’ sounds.

“I’d advise everyone to remain in their homes until we can determine how this one might play out.

“One thing we can say for certain is that Diego Costa is back, baby.”

They added: “And he wants to smash your face in.”