Diego Costa “still being a **** this morning at breakfast”

Not yet exhausted from ****ery in FA Cup win over Man Utd.

Diego Costa was acting up against Man Utd in the FA Cup last night
****: Costa (Image: Aleksandr Osipov)

Chelsea striker Diego Costa was this morning still being a **** over the breakfast table, according to those who know him.

Despite expending an inordinate amount of ****y energy during last night’s FA Cup quarter-final win over Manchester United, Costa was reportedly still acting the **** in consummate fashion at the time of going to print.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, his manager Antonio Conte confirmed that Costa was still burning “****etic energy” by the kilowatt as we spoke.

He said: “Come to the canteen, you’ll see he’s still flicking Cheerios at Marcos Alonso’s face with a spoon.

“I said to Diego last night, hey, that’s enough ****ery to last most people several lifetimes – go get some sleep.

“But I’m pretty sure he was up all night being a **** too, at least if Asmir Begović’s voicemail is anything to go by.”