Di Canio blasts club canteen over egg inconsistency

Swindon Town manager Paulo Di Canio
Di Canio… Eggs-tremely angry (Img: Hilton Teper)
Swindon Town boss Paulo Di Canio has launched a scathing attack on his own club’s catering over a perceived inconsistency with regards egg preparation.

The Italian, mental, has had an emotional week after a 4-3 win at Premier League side Stoke City was followed swiftly by a wretched 4-1 defeat at Preston North End in which he hauled off young goalkeeper Wes Foderingham after just 21 minutes, later accusing his player of arrogance and unprofessionalism.

Now the former West Ham United, Sheffield Wednesday and Charlton Athletic forward has turned his ire on the Robins’ canteen staff, citing “inconsistent egg preparation” as the reason for this latest broadside.

He told Football Burp: “I’m sitting in the canteen right now poking a fork reluctantly at a plate of the worst scrambled eggs I’ve ever seen.

“It’s not only the fact that they’re a bit burned, which can happen to anyone – it’s the arrogance of Doris the dinner lady thrusting me the plate of bad eggs without so much as an apologetic look, that’s the main problem.

“All last week the eggs were sublime, definitely the best of my career – they were fluffy, a teeny bit runny and I’m pretty sure they snuck some kind of nutty cheese in there to round out the flavour. I dare say I detected a touch of Tabasco too, but not too much to spoil the effect.

“Those eggs were a real highlight for me and my team. But these, I cannot bring myself to look upon them any more. These are the worst eggs I’ve ever seen and I will not stand for it.”

He added: “Doris and the rest of the canteen staff can go, I don’t care – I will cook all the meals myself and still win this league.”