Definition of ‘Pogba dab’ dividing Manchester’s drug dealers

£89m Man Utd signing source of shady underworld dispute.

Which of these drugs will be the 'Pogba dab'?
DISPUTE: Drugs (Image: West Midlands Police)

Drug dealers of the Greater Manchester area are locked in disagreement as to the precise definition of a ‘Pogba dab’.

The prospective slang, named for the goal celebration of new Man Utd signing Paul, is still officially up for grabs.

Some dealers believe a ‘Pogba dab’ should refer to a small amount of cocaine or MDMA, to be boshed furtively in pub toilets.

Others however are adamant that it should refer to butane hash oil, popular amongst marijuana bores and hipsters.

Talks have been proposed between rival factions, with many keen to avoid a gang warfare scenario.

Others however have disagreed with this, actively championing a gang warfare scenario.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Keith, a drug dealer from Salford, declared himself optimistic of a swift conclusion.

He said: “A world record transfer is hard to ignore in the drug-selling community.

“Particularly when the protagonist celebrates goals by appearing to do a line off his own wrist.

“Getting to call your product a ‘Pogba dab’ could open up new markets and facilitate the next generation of drooling addicts.

“Personally I think it should refer to a small bag of chemically white powder that turns you into an unbearable prick for the night.

“But I can understand why others might want to use it to push sludgy zombie fuel.

“Ultimately I hope we can put aside our differences and celebrate the mutual destruction of vital brain matter.”

Alan, a drug dealer from Altrincham, refused to comment.