DEADLINE DAY LATEST: Cat rescued from tree

Trapped mog rocks deadline day with shock climb.

Transfer deadline day was rocked by this cat up a tree
STUCK: Cat (Image: LarsJanZeeuwRules)

Transfer deadline day took an astonishing twist this morning when a cat was salvaged from a tree just miles away from Sky Sports News HQ.

The tabby cat, brownish, became stuck up the perennial plant following a late-night incident in which it climbed up to the top of it and realised it couldn’t get back down again.

Parallels have been drawn in some quarters with great deadline day sagas of yore involving the likes of David de Gea and Peter Odemwingie, although this dot-joining has since been dismissed as “pretty desperate”.

Critics added that a cat getting stuck up a tree and then rescued again is nothing at all like the breakdown of de Gea’s move to Real Madrid or even Odemwingie driving to QPR unsolicited.

But Jon Walters’s dramatic submission of a transfer request at Stoke is a bit like a cat getting stuck in a dishwasher, so that might have worked as a comparison had it actually happened, which it may well have done somewhere.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, SSN’s deadline day daddy Jim White remarked upon how hard it was raining earlier.

He said: “You know, that can’t have been much fun for the cat.

“Although it was probably more fun than transfer deadline day is now that all the clubs seem to have decided to conduct their business a little earlier in the window.

“I’m about this close to sticking a purple dildo in my ear.”

He added: “Coming up next, Gerry Francis!”