David Luiz comedy roadshow coming back to London

Brazilian's style proves too lowbrow for French tastes.

David Luiz is bringing his comedy roadshow back to Chelsea
LAUGHTER: Luiz (Image: Lynchg)

Laughter louts are on high alert with the news that the David Luiz comedy roadshow is coming back to London.

Chelsea have bid £30m to bring the former Chelsea defender back from Paris, where his slapstick has gone underappreciated.

French comedy fans are notoriously hard to please and place little stock in wacky stunts and physical knockabout.

But sophistication levels are much lower across the channel, with shows like Mrs Brown’s Boys and Citizen Khan receiving widespread acclaim.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte sees Luiz as the perfect foil for John Terry’s more 1970s-style brand of humour.

Despite Luiz’s lowbrow style, Conte cited his performance in the 2014 World Cup semi-final against Germany as “one of the great satirical takes on defending”.

Doubts were cast about the rumour’s veracity but sightings of Luiz’s exploding clown car at Stamford Bridge have since been confirmed.