Danny Welbeck transfer sparks frenzy of misquoting

Wenger and van Gaal fall foul of devious journo stirring.

Danny Welbeck, start of the Danny Welbeck transfer
MISQUOTED: Not this guy, but others, about him (Image: Илья Хохлов)

It’s the Danny Welbeck transfer that’s had everyone talking, and it appears to have been the catalyst for an aggressive campaign of misquoting in the media.

Arsenal lobbed £16m in Manchester United’s direction to land the England forward, whose two goals at Switzerland on Monday night cemented his burgeoning reputation as the greatest centre-forward who ever lived.

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But the world of football was momentarily rocked to its very foundations when Gunners boss Arsène Wenger appeared to suggest that if he’d not gone to Rome on transfer deadline day to referee a charity match then Welbeck would not be an Arsenal player.


Then Red Devils gaffer Louis van Gaal caused a storm when he blasted Welbeck for being useless, apparently.


Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Wenger and van Gaal took it in turns to spell out their respective gripes pertaining to instances of misquoting concerning the Danny Welbeck transfer.

They variously said: “I meant because I was up early in the morning, to leave for Rome, and this is when the good business gets done.

“Don’t isolate that quote and present the story as if I didn’t want to sign Welbeck.

“Hello, thish ish Louis van Gaal shpeaking now.

“I wash merely pointing out that the player hashn’t shcored ash many goalsh ash Wayne Rooney and Robin van Pershie.

“There’sh no shame in that.”

Welbeck was unavailable for comment as he refused to speak to us.

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