Chris Sutton’s uncle hits back at nephew over Wenger comments

Former Blackburn striker said Arsenal boss is like "uncle who doesn't want to leave party".

Arsène Wenger, described by Chris Sutton as like an uncle at a party
WILFUL? Wenger (Image: Joshua Hayes)

Chris Sutton’s uncle has hit back furiously at his nephew’s description of Arsène Wenger as “an uncle who doesn’t want to leave the party”.

Former Norwich, Blackburn, Chelsea, Celtic and Aston Villa striker Sutton accused the Arsenal boss of surrounding himself with yes men and operating like a dictatorship.

But, speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Chris Sutton’s uncle claimed that the real dig was aimed squarely at him.

He said: “Chris should just come out and say what he really means.

“He invited me to that party in good faith, and this time I managed to avoid making an inappropriate pass at anyone or puking my guts out down the back of a sofa.

“Sure, it was getting on a bit and I was still going strong, but I was having a good time and was perfectly lucid, as evidenced by my killer ‘Jungle Boogie’ routine.

“If you ask me, he’s just bitter because he’s a boring sod who wanted to be tucked up in bed before anyone started ribbing him over his hugely underwhelming spell at Stamford Bridge.

“And he can stick his Premier League winner’s medal where the sun don’t shine, he knows as well as I do Shearer carried that Blackburn team.

“So Chris, if you’re reading, stop using Wenger to escalate internal family disputes and let’s have this out in a pub car park somewhere.”