China table £92 trillion offer for entire Premier League

Players, managers, backroom staff, stadiums and even supporters understood to be part of the deal.

These Manchester City players could be off to China
These are just some of the Premier League players up for grabs (Image: John Urquhart)

China has bid a whopping ninety-two trillion pounds to sign anyone and everyone even remotely involved with the Premier League, our sources confirm.

Football Burp understands that the offer, potentially record-breaking, takes into account not just players, managers and backroom staff members but also the stadiums themselves.

It has also been suggested that the Chinese Super League is willing to increase their offer by 150 per cent if all the supporters are thrown in too.

Speaking exclusively to his mate Darren, Steve, a West Bromwich Albion fan from Sandwell, indicated that he could be swayed by the offer.

He said: “They’re offering me how much? £400,000 a week? That’s certainly a lot more than I earn as a welder.

“Better call the boss and let him know I’m going on strike.”

Darren was unavailable for comment as he was on the phone to his mate Brian trying to convince him to be his agent.