Chelsea say sorry for doing that thing again

Mark Clattenburg
Clattenburg… Unfortunate still shot (Img: Brian Minkoff- London Pixels)
Chelsea have apologised for doing that thing again where they make a referee’s life unbearably miserable over a period of weeks.

The reigning Champions League winners, loopy, first developed the habit in 2005 when they tied Anders Frisk to the back of a mule and rode him out of town for sending off Didier Drogba against Barcelona.

They then set fire to Tom Henning Ovrebo’s shoes and hat in 2009 after a series of bizarre refereeing decisions made in another Champions League clash with the La Liga giants.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, the Stamford Bridge club declared their regret at getting all ‘racism accusation’ up in Mark Clattenburg’s face over the last month or so.

They said: “Here at Chelsea we know all about serious accusations, so bungling one so comprehensively has come as a major shock to all of us.

“We’d like to apologise to Mark – and indeed referees everywhere – for doing that thing where we accuse them of untold corruption, getting our fans all riled up and bloodthirsty in the process so that they have to spend about a year living in a cave with nothing for company other than the hate mail that still manages to make its way through to them despite the fact that they’re living in a cave.

“So, you know, sorry and all that.”

The loveable rogues.