Chelsea bus was “delayed by racist tube failure”

Became stuck in traffic when fleet of replacement bus services was dispatched following incident on train to Fulham Broadway.

Chelsea bus
The Chelsea bus wasn’t coming… (Image: Amanda Slater)

It’s the Chelsea bus that could have preserved their Champions League campaign, and it turns out it was delayed by the knock-on effects of a racist tube failure.


According to Blues boss José Mourinho, the plan had been to roll out their trusty large passenger vehicle the the moment Gary Cahill gave them an 80th minute lead in last night’s second leg clash with Paris Saint-Germain at Stamford Bridge.

However, it became embroiled in heavy traffic when a fleet of replacement bus services was dispatched onto London’s roads following severe racism on a District Line train to Fulham Broadway.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Mourinho pegged his side’s failure to qualify for the quarter-final stage squarely on his inability to park the Chelsea bus in his hour of need.

He mumbled: “There were quite a few non-white PSG fans trying to get to the game using public transport, which caused an outbreak of Chelsea fans singing about what they’re like and how they’re just fine with it.

“It was quite spontaneous, like a musical – a racist musical, but a musical nonetheless – and apparently it got quite shovey. You know, shovey-off-trainy.

“Since it ended up knocking us out of the Champions League, I can only condemn it.”

He added: “David Luiz can f*** off and all. C***.”