Charlie Austin found alive and well

Fears for missing striker alleviated as he's spotted playing for Southampton in Europa League.

Charlie Austin is alive and scoring for Southampton
ALIVE: Austin (Image: Brian Minkoff-London Pixels)

Charlie Austin has been found alive and well, much to the relief of well-wishing fantasy football players worldwide.

The striker’s whereabouts had been cause for concern but he was discovered scoring for Southampton against Sparta Prague in the Europa league.

In a display of evident health, he was even spotted wresting a penalty from the despairing arms of Dušan Tadić.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Austin’s brother described his family’s elation upon learning of his safety.

He said: “When we saw him on TV scoring for Southampton, we just collapsed tearfully into each others’ arms.

“It’s been an anxious time, what with Charlie going completely off the radar and all.

“I’ll always think fondly of him ever since I captained him for his hat-trick against West Brom just before Christmas 2014.

“And because he’s my brother as well.”

UPDATE: Jay Rodriguez has also now been found alive and well.