Channel 4 incorrectly identify Trevor Brooking as Germany goal-scorer

Podolski's farewell screamer mistakenly attributed to West Ham legend.

Trevor Brooking, incorrectly identified by Channel 4 as Germany goal-scorer
NOT EVEN GERMAN: Brooking (Image: Egghead06)

Channel 4 News has incorrectly identified West Ham United legend Trevor Brooking as Germany’s goal-scorer in the 1-0 friendly win over England.

Brooking scored the winning goal of the 1980 FA Cup final against Arsenal and went on to manage the Hammers as caretaker boss on two separate occasions.

What he has not done however is play for Germany, let alone score Lukas Podolski’s farewell screamer against England.

Broadcasting exclusively to Football Burp, Channel 4 begged to differ.

It announced: “Pretty sure it was Trevor Brooking, mate.

“Lukas Podolski was the guy who presented Bullseye, right?”