Champions League fans demand answers as same match happens twice

Red hand
Red-handed… UEFA have been caught it (Image: Chevalier Henri Goybet arrière petit fils de Mariano)

Champions League fans were left flummoxed and vexed last night as exactly the same match happened again in its entirety, we can reveal.

The con, blatant, took in last night’s Arsenal v Bayern Munich match and the previous night’s Manchester City v Barcelona match, both of which resulted in 0-2 defeats for the English hosts in games swung by red card/penalty double whammies.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, some Champions League fans from Rhyl spluttered with incredulity as they countenanced UEFA’s apparent pulling of a fast one.

They chorused: “You can’t just dress the players in different colours and call them different names and expect us not to notice.

“Bayern Munich and Barcelona both begin with ‘Ba’, for crying out loud. They could at least have made it subtle.

“It’s all going to end up the same, just like the acts at the BRIT Awards, he said topically.

“Just referring to ourselves in the third person, there.”

All Champions League fans not from Rhyl were unavailable for comment because, to be honest, we didn’t really ask them, although a wild-eyed bloke from Devon confided in us that he took Bacary Sagna’s hairstyle to be a crab that’s controlling his mind.

Okay dude, whatever.