Celtic players queue to meet Neymar but miss him by 90 minutes

PSG star too busy working for meet and greet.


Neymar playing for Brazil
NAY MET: Neymar (Image: Fernando Frazão/Agência Brasil)

The Celtic squad are said to be “deeply disappointed” after missing out on meeting Neymar last night.

Having been informed by management that Neymar was in Glasgow, Brendan Rodgers’s squad excitedly made plans to meet the Brazil star.

However, despite their best efforts they were unable to get near him all night as Neymar was said to be busy working.

A couple of players said they had glimpses of him “at least four or five times” but were unable to get close enough to speak.

One player, who spent the night anonymous and wished to remain so, said: “We waur sae excited tae meit Neymar an’ we ur gutted tae miss it.

“He said he was workin’ wi’ his mukkers but that’s bullsh*t. Ah am gonna t**t tae dobber.”

The players are believed to be planning a trip to Paris later in the year to try and catch up with Neymar.

In unrelated news, PSG have announced the addition of an extra digit on the home team score board to allow it to show double figures for the home team.