Carroll and Laudrup legal action latest: Chuckle Brothers called in

Brothers watched final of Euro '92 with Laudrup in bar of Las Vegas hotel.

Chuckle Brothers
The Chuckle Brothers on their way out of the Celebrity Big Brother house (Image: Jeremy Atkinson)

Football Burp understands that the Chuckle Brothers have been called back into court as witnesses in the Andy Carroll and Michael Laudrup legal action cases currently gripping the nation.

The brothers, chucklesome, had this week told Southwark Crown Court that superstar DJ Dave Lee Travis never mentioned anything about being a bit of a wrong ‘un, certainly not to either of them, a particular that was subjected to a three-minute cross-examination between the brothers themselves.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Paul Chuckle, real name Paul Elliott, just like the former Chelsea defender and anti-racism campaigner, explained that he and brother Barry had not been conducting a cross-examination as thought in the previous paragraph.

He said: “That’s not why we kept saying ‘to me, to you’.

“That was because we happened to be shifting a precious antique armoire at the time, for reasons incongruous to the main context of us serving as witnesses in court for our old friend Dave Lee Travis.

“The Andy Carroll and Michael Laudrup legal action cases will be a challenge – we don’t really know either of them that well, more in passing than anything else.

“Michael was staying at the same Las Vegas hotel as us during Euro 1992 – we watched the final in a bar together.

“I’d have thought he’d be a bit happier when Denmark won. He seemed somehow rueful. Odd.

“Andy we just know from out clubbing in Newcastle.”

He added: “Seems like a sound enough fella.”