“Cannot deselect” – Hodgson bemoans lingering captain glitch

Current saved game of England Manager still marred by 'undeselectable skipper' bug.

England manager Roy Hodgson
HODGSON: Peeved (Image: Олег Дубина)

Roy Hodgson has filed an official complaint to the FA regarding a glitch that continues to mar his current saved game of International Manager, it is being reported.

The England boss, an old-fashioned 4-4-2 man, has continually found his enjoyment of the game hampered by an apparent bug that renders any choice of captain “entirely undeselectable”.

FA advice to turn the game off and on again appeared to have done the trick when Steven Gerrard stepped down as skipper, paving the way for Wayne Rooney to assume the role.

However, it soon became apparent to Hodgson that he would be forced to persevere with Rooney as captain, and therefore in the team, no matter how much the Manchester United forward’s form may desert him.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Hodgson cited last night’s dismal showing in the 1-0 friendly win over Norway as proof positive of the struggles that lie ahead lest change is embraced.

He said: “I tried to deselect Wayne as captain, but it just kept coming back with messages likes ‘request rejected by sponsors’ and ‘experience is king, you know’.

“It’s infuriating because I had the exact same problem with Steven for years. Perhaps I should just turn the game off and on again, again?

“I’m a bit scared to try that in case it switches back on with Glen Johnson as captain or something.”

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