Burnley set to sign Premier League status from Hull for £10m

Deal for continued top-flight presence includes free Snodgrass.

Robert Snodgrass is leaving Hull for Burnley
SOUNDS DISGUSTING: Snodgrass (Image: dom fellowes)

Burnley have agreed a fee of £10m with Hull City for a place in next season’s Premier League, our sources have confirmed.

Despite appearing in recent weeks to be prepared to give staying up at least a bit of a go, the Tigers have now backed down in a fashion that’s already being described as “distinctly un-tiger-like”.

In addition to accepting ten million of Her Majesty’s pounds for their continued top-flight status, a charitable Hull have even thrown in a free Robert Snodgrass to sweeten the deal still further.

Clarets boss Sean Dyche told Football Burp he was surprised at his rivals’ generosity, not to mention more than a little apprehensive.

He said: “It’s nice that they’ve agreed to get relegated on our behalf, but I’m wary of this free Snodgrass.

“I got given a free shot of wheatgrass in a shopping centre the other day and it was ****ing disgusting.

“Snodgrass sounds even worse, like something the BFG might drink.”