Buckingham Palace match ends in farce as Queen headbutts referee

Her Majesty remonstrated him at full time and, as he tried to leave the pitch, span him back around and planted one on him.

The Queen was enraged after the Buckingham Palace match
Elizabeth ‘Bites Yer Legs’ Windsor

Yesterday’s Buckingham Palace match descended into farce when Her Majesty the Queen headbutted the referee moments after the final whistle, accusing him of “blatant anti-monarchism”.

The match, staged in celebration of the Football Association’s 150th birthday, saw a Royal Family XI selected by Harry Redknapp taking on the German government in a feisty encounter.

By and large the game was contested sportingly and in keeping with the spirit of the occasion, but things turned sour when Angela Merkel went unpunished for scything down Prince Andrew on the edge of the area.

Enraged by the failure to award a penalty, Her Majesty remonstrated with the referee at full time and, as he tried to leave the pitch, span him back around and planted one on him.

She was then physically restrained by Prince William, although Prince Harry and the Duke of Edinburgh could face disciplinary action for appearing to fall about laughing over the incident.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Redknapp revealed that he gave Her Majesty the hairdryer treatment in the changing room afterwards, and as far as he’s concerned that will be the end of the matter.

He said: “It was unfortunate, but I know the Queen and she’s not that type of player.

“She’s only ever been a total professional in the few hours I’ve worked with her, so it would be a shame if her reputation was tarnished over one poxy headbutt.

“I’ve seen the ref and he’s fine, barring a few crown marks on his skull. We had a few laughs about it.

“It’s not every day you get nutted by a monarch, not these days anyway.”

Her Majesty declined to give a press conference, sending her husband and agent Prince Philip out to field questions instead.

It was a total disaster.

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