Boy finds Ashley Williams at Everton v Arsenal and sells him for £5

What do you do when you find a centre-back but your dad has always told you to "not keep what is not ours"?

Ashley Williams playing for Wales
EBAYED: Williams (Image: Steindy)

What do you do when you find Ashley Williams but your dad has always told you to “not keep what is not ours”?

You sell him for £5 instead.

That’s what a young Everton fan did on Sunday when he made the discovery at Goodison Park.

Billy, 9, put the centre-back on eBay and sold him for £5 after his disastrous showing in the 2-5 defeat to Arsène Wenger’s Gunners.

In the accompanying text, Billy wrote that “Ashley can go for a few quid because he played very badly and we got very thrashed”.

The young fan explained that he had found Ashley Williams at the stadium and wanted to sell him on for a bit of pocket money to buy sweets.

Billy’s dad told Football Burp his son initially wanted the player to do his homework for him while he played his Xbox.

He said: “To begin with he was undecided. He wanted to maybe give Ashley back to the club to play against Chelsea in the Carabao Cup on Wednesday night, but then he realised he could make a nice little earner.

“When we found Ashley he was lying on his back, grimacing and muttering something about Özil.

“We asked a couple of people on the touchline if Ashley belonged to them and they said he might be but they weren’t particularly fussed about having him back.

“So Billy stuck him on the internet and cashed in.”