Big Sam to take ‘England manager challenge’ for charity

Sunderland boss will undertake popular craze to raise money for victims of BBQ sauce stains.

New England manager Sam Allardyce loves BBQ ribs
IRRESISTIBLE: Ribs (Image: Thogru)

Sam Allardyce has accepted the FA’s nomination for him to take on the ‘England manager challenge’, it has been confirmed.

The popular craze involves filming yourself managing the English national team through at least one major tournament, with all proceeds from sponsors going to a charity of the participant’s choice.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, the man known affectionately within football circles as Big Sam confirmed that he intended to carry out the stunt in order to raise funds for the victims of BBQ sauce stains.

He said: “Every day, thousands of people around the world stain an item of clothing irreparably while gorging themselves on barbecue ribs and hot wings.

“By taking the England manager challenge, I will hopefully be able to provide these people – of which, I must confess, I am one – with appropriate coverage like bibs or tuckable napkins.

“It’s a cause that’s very close to my heart, both figuratively and literally.”

Allardyce won plaudits for guiding Sunderland to Premier League survival last season following a rotten start under Dick Advocaat – but there was a dark undercurrent bubbling away underneath the success of his professional life.

He revealed: “It may have been going well for us on the pitch, but I was struggling badly with BBQ sauce at the time.

“In the end I was putting away several kilos of the stuff each day, telling myself that it was just reward for masterminding positive results.

“It got to the stage where I was spending tens of thousands of pounds a week on shirts and ties, even on new office furniture after some of the more frenzied sessions.

“But by filming myself guiding England to a humiliating last 16 defeat in Russia, I just know I can make a difference to so many lives.”

‘Sam Allardyce: My Struggle With Condiments’ is out now in hardback.