Barcelona probably through to the semis, but who the hell knows?

Andy Townsend
Townsend… Here he is practising his T’s (Image: Marion O’Sullivan)

Barcelona are probably through to the semi finals of the Champions League, but who the hell knows, it has been thrown out there.

The La Liga giants, gigantic, had some players or other running about on a pitch with a bunch of other players in different shirts – we’re pretty sure one of them was Zlatan Ibrahimovic – but, my goodness, did you see Lionel Messi and David Beckham sitting on the sidelines?

Of course you did. Why would you have been watching anything else? Silly us.

Football Burp said: “This is what happens when you miss a game in which not all that much happened anyway – you have to scour Twitter for any old iron to work with, come across the odd criticism of the television coverage and try to pad that out into a whole piece.

“As you can see, this approach just isn’t working at all. So, instead, please enjoy this selection of tweets about Andy Townsend.”

As promised, here is a selection of tweets about Andy Townsend:

Andy Townsend summarising on international football is like having a painter & decorator do the audioguide for the National Portrait Gallery

— Frankie Boyle (@frankieboyle) June 2, 2012

I’d rather listen to Andy Townsend talk about football whilst scraping his nails down a chalk board with Mumford & Sons on in the background

— Rob Pollard (@_robpollard) April 10, 2013

This game has become very lively #GALvMAD but one thing does make it almost unwatchable….. he goes by the name of #AndyTownsend

— Adam Brooks EssexPR(@EssexPR) April 9, 2013

In hell it would be always monday with adrian chiles and andy townsend on telly and taraabt defending a free kick for your fave team

— Armchaireverton (@Armchaireverton) April 8, 2013

Andy Townsend is sighing like he’s heard a neighbour has died. #EuropaLeague

— Tim Stevens (@TimmyStevens9) April 4, 2013

I reckon clive tydsley and andy townsend hold eachothers hand when they commentate

— Jordan Carroll (@Jordinho88) April 4, 2013

Every time Andy Townsend talks, I feel like I’m getting smashed in both my ear holes by a pair of 12 inch Rampant Rabbits. #Sideman #COYS

— Stephen Patten (@StevePatten) April 4, 2013

“Tottenhams passing needs to be accurate”. Clinical insight from Andy Townsend. The Gregory House of Football Punditry!

— Electronic Tims (@ETimsNet) April 4, 2013

loving how much football that has been on this week , not loving how much I’ve had to listen to andy townsend though #idiot

— Marcus Bell (@Marcus_Bell_89) April 4, 2013

Which Europa league game am I watching tonight ? The one Andy Townsend is not commantating on.

— Harry(@Harrry2012) April 4, 2013

I want a square go with Andy Townsend!! Who can make this happen for me? #mon

— Gary Harkins (@garyharkins1985) April 2, 2013

Andy Townsend has a wardrobe just for his polar necks and pinstripe suits. Selects one by shouting: “you’ll fackin do” #townsendshouts

— Peter McDowall (@Petermcdowall10) March 26, 2013

I think Andy Townsend is the best football analyst on TV- by a mile. Loved working with him bit.ly/XgtFH2

— Mike Parry (@mikeparry8) March 29, 2013

As you were.