Balotelli shirt swap blamed on “weight of the jersey”

Trade with Pepe was a "comfort play", claim Liverpool supporters.

Mario Balotelli shirt swap blamed on weight
HEAVY: Weight (Image: David)

It’s the Mario Balotelli shirt swap with Pepe that’s got everybody jiving, and it was this morning being blamed on the weight of the Liverpool jersey.


The burden, cumbersome, had been cited by Reds boss Brendan Rodgers apparently figuratively in order to explain away his side’s poor start to the 2014-15 season – or “life after Luis Suárez”, as it has been fondly dubbed.

However, it would now appear, that Rodgers was not indulging in metaphor but in fact dealing in cold, hard reality.

That’s the opinion of Liverpool fans, who were this morning queuing up to explain away the Balotelli shirt swap as a “comfort play” on the part of the maverick Italian forward.

One of them said: “I heard it weighs about five stone dry, lad.

“Makes you realise how superhuman most of our players are that they can run around in that, like.

“Mario will get the hang of it once he figures out how to put it on properly, la.

“We really should have someone helping him get dressed if he’s to become the boss slotter we all know he can be under Brendan.

“Er, fella.”