“At least half” of all fans hope their manager is revealed to be corrupt

Even if it means they go to jail.

This briefcase might contain a bribe for a corrupt manager
BRIBE? Briefcase (Image: Dev920)

At least half of the nation’s football supporters hope their club’s manager is found to be corrupt by the Daily Telegraph, we can reveal.

The fan poll reveals widespread dissatisfaction with the recent performances of approximately 46 of the 92 league teams in England.

So acute is this dissatisfaction that many fans are prepared to see their team’s manager embroiled in a controversy that could end their career or even land them in jail.

The Telegraph has already brought down England’s Sam Allardyce and QPR’s Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink in undercover sting operations, with many more high-profile names believed to be in the offing.

Far from spreading fear among fan bases, the machinations have engendered hope of brand new beginnings for hundreds of thousands of disgruntled match-goers.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Allan, a Stoke City supporter from Cheshire, expressed his sincere hope that Mark Hughes is some kind of super villain.

He said: “Granted, he’s led us to three successive top-half finishes, but I’m usually too drunk to remember that.

“What I can remember is the last few weeks, which have been so atrocious that I genuinely hope they find enough dirt on him to justify a bloody good waterboarding.

“I know you think I’m joking but I assure you I’m not.”