Arsenal’s next Champions League opponents “could be velociraptors”

Wenger admitted that the velociraptors' notoriously direct style of play could disrupt his side's passing game.

A velociraptor, one of Arsenal's next Champions League opponents
Velociraptor… Rrrrraaaooowwwrrr! (Image: Copyleft)

Arsenal may have to negotiate a tricky two-leg tie against a pack of velociraptors after finishing second in their Champions League group following a 2-0 defeat to Napoli.

The dinosaurs, 75,000,000, romped to a first place finish in their own group after successful disembowlings of Rapid Vienna, Grasshoppers Zurich and Young Boys.

Speaking exclusively to Football Burp, Gunners boss Arsène Wenger admitted that the velociraptors’ notoriously direct style of play could very well disrupt his side’s passing game.

He said: “We are aware of course of the problems posed by velociraptors to good footballing sides like ourselves.

“They have a high tempo, they press you hard and they have a number of players who can clamp your jugular in their mighty jaws and show you no mercy.

“We will talk about this obviously, but first and foremost it is important that we focus on our own game more than we worry about theirs.

“This could be a good opportunity for resting players, and if necessary I’d have no hesitation in sending Nicklas Bendtner out there to take them on all on his own.

“He has been working hard in training and I think he is ready for this.”

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