Arsenal “regret” offering tearful youngster free ticket for second City clash

With hindsight it was a flawed idea, admit Gunners.

This crying child may not be an Arsenal fan

Arsenal say they “deeply regret” offering the young supporter shown crying at Wembley a free ticket to the follow-up clash with Man City.

The tearful fan in the stands became something of a poster child for disillusioned Gunners in the wake of their 0-3 defeat to City in the Carabao Cup final.

In what was no doubt meant sincerely as a nice gesture, Arsenal tracked down the child and offered him a free ticket to last night’s Premier League fixture against the same opponents.

However, the stunt backfired in all-too-predictable fashion with another demoralising 0-3 defeat.

In a statement, Arsenal said: “With hindsight, we probably should have seen that coming.

“We sent the child a consolatory muffin basket, but one of the muffins exploded and killed his pet budgie.

“We’re now conducting an internal investigation into how a muffin could possibly explode.

“Wenger picked them out, that’s all we’re saying.”