Arsenal jokes now recyclable, say local councils

Gunners gags, Wenger wisecracks and net spend knee-slappers all added to services.

Arsenal jokes are now recyclable
GREEN: Arrows

Local councils nationwide have confirmed the addition of Arsenal jokes to their recycling services following the Gunners’ 2-1 defeat at Brighton.

After a successful twelve-year trial period that saw recycling rates increase across the country, the programme has now been rolled out officially.

Households in all areas will be able to deposit Gunners gags, Wenger wisecracks, net spend knee-slappers and barbed ‘Invincibles’ comparisons for collection.

Environment secretary Michael Gove described the programme as a “significant step forward”.

He said: “It’s a significant step forward.

“What it will help us to do is meet our longer term target to reduce the pile-up of failure funnies, Welbeck witticisms and top four teases, which is good for the environment.

“The Arsenal jokes you crack tomorrow could be the ones you made last season, and the season before that, and so on and so forth.”

He added: “Hehe, fourth.”