Arsenal draw Barcelona AND Bayern in Champions League last 16

Wenger accuses Uefa of "outright trolling" the Gunners.

Arsène Wenger waves goodbye to the Champions League after tough draw
Wenger waves goodbye to the Champions League for another season (Image: wonker)

Arsenal will face Barcelona and Bayern Munich simultaneously in the last 16 of the Champions League in what is already being described as a shock twist.

The Gunners were already resigned to being drawn against one or the other of their traditional European bogey sides, but they will be dismayed to learn that they will now have to play them both at once.

It is a bitter blow for Arsène Wenger’s men, who had at least been hoping to bow out on away goals following a spirited but ultimately futile second leg fightback.

The Frenchman told Football Burp: “We’ve drawn who? Sacré bleu.

“I don’t see how it’s at all fair that we should have to play them both, but we weren’t planning beyond the last 16 anyway so I’m not inclined to kick up a fuss.

“If I understand this correctly, it looks like an unprecedented situation whereby our 11 players will have to take on a combined 22 of theirs, so we will have to make sure that Olivier Giroud is right on top of his game.

“It’s getting to the stage where I’m pretty sure that Uefa are outright trolling us, but it will nevertheless be an honour to be part of this historic, if bizarre and unjust, event.

“At least we’re on course for the Premier League title, that is unless the FA suddenly decree that we have to play Tony Pulis’s Stoke and Sam Allardyce’s Bolton every week from now until May.”

Elsewhere in the draw, Chelsea fans will again be taking the Paris Métro, while Manchester City are set to be found desperately wanting on a cold night in Kiev.